Exclusive acting classes for standout students once they enter secondary school.

Exclusive Training

We invite certain pupils who are starting secondary school and stood out among their peers at primary school for their talent and work ethic. This in-take is limited to just ten each year. Anyone can apply and come along to a taster session, and join the company if it's a good fit. All classes are ran by Chris Betton directly, a theatre expert with more than ten years' experience as a producer of youth theatre, a qualified full-time secondary school teacher and former safeguarding officer for Poynton Town Council.

Diplomas + Other Qualifications

Thanks to our friends at the Victoria College of Music and Drama, London, the company works toward the following qualifications: Year 7 - Grade 7 Group Acting Year 8 - Grade 8 Group Acting Year 9 - Pre-Diploma Group Acting Years 10 + 11 - Diploma (+ Hons) Group Acting

Impact on GCSE Drama

The content of lessons is designed to exercise and fulfil the Assessment Objectives of the GCSE Drama curriculum. Therefore, discussion in sessions revolves around the following:
AO1 Create and develop ideas to communicate meaning for theatrical performance.
AO2 Apply theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance.
AO3 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed.
AO4 Analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others. (- Assessment Objective from the Edexcel exam board)
Furthermore, as students are assessed on scripted performances and on devising performances of their own, members are tasked with producing both over the course of each year.

Impact on GCSE English

In GCSE English, students sit an entire exam discussing and analysing play scripts. Therefore, all YTA scripts are either the very scripts that students will write about in their GCSE English exam, or an adaptation of a novel they will write about in their GCSE English exam. This means that, in addition to learning the skills necessary to excel in GCSE Drama, students are using the content of their GCSE English texts to do so. This means that, when students come to write about the plot and characters in the texts they study at GCSE English, they will have already performed the plot and played the characters, lending a huge advantage to students across both subjects at school.

Off-Stage Skills

This is one element of the Generate Theatre Arts Youth Theatre Academy experience that won't be found elsewhere. In GCSE Drama, students have the oppotunity to earn their qualification as a producer rather than a performer. Therefore, YTA members are given a basic education in the roles of a director, lighting and sound technician, producer, project manager, stage hand, stage manager, set designer and much more as they learn to critically analyse their performance from these different points of view.

Live Theatre Trips

GCSE Drama students must complete a written exam wherein they review and analyse a live theatre performance. As a result, YTA members regularly visit the theatre together to exercise this skill.

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